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The 2022 eHealth University The not-to-be missed event of the Connected Health sector

A forerunner (in its 16th year of existence!), highly acclaimed by all of its participants, this is a unique occasion to bring together all the national and international players of the ecosystem – patients, care producers, institutional bodies, major companies, startups, universities (all disciplines), public authorities and international institutions.

5 good reasons to come to Castres

  • Take advantage of an exceptional setting for effective networking (international business convention) in a friendly atmosphere
  • Meet top decision makers and prestigious speakers
  • Listen to an ambitious programme and immerse yourself in a cutting-edge ideas lab
  • Discover the very latest innovative solutions and services
  • Meet partners for your future development

Plan your trip by choosing the most suitable PASS formula for your stay

Registration opened
for eHealth University 2022

Prices of the eHealth University

Type of company

1 jour

2 jours

Industry and service providers 290€
348€ VAT
492€ VAT
Start-ups and VSEs with less than 10 employees 100€
120€ VAT
180€ VAT
non-profit organization, research institute,
academic actor
240€ VAT
345€ VAT

The full pass include all event’s activities : access to workshops and conferences, to the business convention to organize appointments with others visitors, access to demonstrations and eHealth Awards.
The full pass include the lunch of the day but not Gala dinner but not the Gala dinner in supplement (62,5€ – 75 € VAT)

The pass and meals will be refunded in full for any cancellation request received before May, 31 2022, after deduction of a 25€ – 30€VAT administration fee.

The pass will be refunded in full, except for meals and a 25€ – 30€VAT administration fee, for any cancellation request received between June, 1st 2022 and June, 17th 2022 inclusive.

There will be no refunds for cancellation requests received on or after June, 18 2022.

Dining at the event

You can also book meals not included in the pass when you sign up for the event.

Available dining options Rates

Aperitif and dinner cocktail – Tuesday, June 28, 2022

Cocktail – Wednesday, June 29, 2022


Please note: Reimbursement of dining expenses will not be possible after June, 17, 2022.

Special cases

For companies/organisations wishing to enrol more than one person at a special rate, please contact: 

For students, admission is free upon proof of status (but dining expenses remain at your charge Lunch at 20,83€ – 25€VAT) please contact:

For patient support groups, please contact:

For press partners, please contact