Visit of the technologies presented in the connected’s rooms – 16:00

04 Jul 2017
16:00 - 17:00
Centre Hospitalier

Visit of the technologies presented in the connected’s rooms – 16:00

Please note that the number of places is limited to 7 persons per visit.

Other visits are planned throughout the day on July 4th:

Technologies presented in situ


Abstract : Easylog is a compact add-on module designed to fit pen injectors reusable and disposable, devices connected and communicating. EasyLog automatically collects the data of injection (dose, date and time) and passes them to a mobile application of follow-up treatment. This innovative solution is accompanied by a dedicated application which aims to enhance patient experience.

PROJECT : Komed Health / Presented by Komed Health

Abstract : Innovative communication solution that is revolutionizing the way we communicate in a hospital. Komed Health is the central messaging hub for healthcare providers. Real-time medical team communication Synchronous among multiple mobile devices integrated seamlessly with existing systems built from the ground up specially for the patients.

PROJECT : MIA Healthcare / Presented by Santé NET

Abstract : MIA Healthcare is a e-health application designed as a medical book that allows to better manage pain independently.

PROJECT : Tactilux / Presented by R&A

Abstract : The one screen dedicated to general doctors and specialists who offers a unique product, a touch screen for computer coupled with a negatoscope.

PROJECT : CareConsult by MultiMed / Presented by TMM Software

Abstract : Teleconsultation solution in visio to practice at a distance between doctor and patients across multiple sites or facilities.


Abstract : DYNSEO develops services and apps on Tablet platform to stimulate elderly, prevent cognitive disorders such as Alzheimer’s and maintain the social and intergenerational link.

PROJECT : Room Rainbow / Cpaas / Presented by ALCATEL

Abstract : Video-consultation:
How to provide a service of virtual waiting room and simple teleconsultation room without video equipment allowing to connect a patient and nursing staff with a remote doctor.
Patient experience:
How to integrate real time communication in an application dedicated to patients, improving the efficiency of all staff by offering additional services in self-service and different systems of reporting options :
• Phone call
• Instant Messaging (chat & chatbot)

PROJECT : Wyca Medical / Presented by Wyca Medical

Résumé : Robotic and autonomous Assistant who help the patient during his stay, informed him on the subject of his hospitalization and allows to communicate with the medical team to improve continuously the quality of support.