Scientific advisors

Housseynou Ba
E-health/m-Health regional coordonator of World Health Organization in the African Region
Luc Broussy
President of France Silver Eco
Elaine Colgan
Head of eHealth and EU Engagement, Department of Health, Northem Ireland
Jerome Falerne
Head of Information Systems, Occitania Regional Healthcare Agency (ARS)
Armelle Graciet
Director of Industrial Affairs, SNITEM – board member and dealflow manager, Angels Santé
Jean-Bernard Gramunt
International Manager, Directorate General of Enterprises – Ministry of Economic and Finance
Boris Hansel
Director of the Connected Health University degree course, Bichat Hospital/APHP
Dr. Marc Labrunée
Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Department of Telehealth, Toulouse University Hospital
Pr. GuannPyng Li
Director and Professor at University of California, Irvine – Calit2
Elie Lobel
CEO, Orange Healthcare
Philippe Peridont
Director of The Castres-Mazamet intercommunal Hospital Center and of the Revel Hospital Center
Hervé Pingaud
Professor, Engineering School SIS
Pierre Pinzelli
Secretary General of the AP-HM Marseille Public Hospital Group
Pr. Nathalie Salles
University Professor, Hospital Practitioner, dept. of Geriatric Medicine, Univ. Hosp. Center, Bordeaux, France
Olivier Siegler
Digital Organisation Process Information System Director, Pierre Fabre Laboratories
Pr. Adel Taweel
Professor at Birzeit University/King’s College London, head of HiCure project
Jean-Christophe Zerbini
CEO of GIP e-santé Occitanie