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02 Jul 2019
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04 Jul 2019
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Discovery of start-ups of the Disrupt e-health

Continuously throughout the day

Come and meet the startups who will present to you their latest technology solutions


Visits of Living Lab, the Connected Health Lab

Come and discover the latest technologies in e-health within a space dedicated to experimentation and simulation.

Warning, the number of places is limited. Contact us quickly:

Session 11:30am – 12:30am :

Telegrafik : Intelligent platform for analyzing data from sensors to provide activity tracking and alerting Hygia : Preparation of the medical consultation with the help of the new technologies (AI, IOT) for a better doctor / (...)

The business convention eHealth Connection

Continuously throughout the day

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Opening of the day

Philippe Leroux, president of Castres-Mazamet Technopole Georges Soto-Romero, director of the Engineering school ISIS (Healthcare Information Technology and Systems)
Georges Soto-Romero
Philippe Leroux

France, Dubai, China, Benin: Confronting different perspectives on digital technology, a vital catalyst in the revolutionary transition towards sustainable health systems

Hosted by Lionel Buannic, journalist

Health systems in the West are exploding and becoming fragmented due to the lack of “sustainable” answers to specific challenges such as the explosion of chronic pathologies and ageing populations. While innovation developed in Europe and North America can rely on 4G networks – and even 5G using optical fibre and super computers – to meet these challenges, the democratisation of (...)

Aurélie Adam Soule Zoumarou
Dominique PON

Startup Academy: the Scale up guide

Limit to 10 enterprises participants – advance registration to

Thanks to the eHealth Hub, an initiative funded by the European Commission, you can participate in a training session aimed at accompanying mature startups for the next key step of their development: the efficient distribution of their solution. During this training, a group of international experts will present different strategies for optimum access to the (...)

Clinical validation of healthcare software: a necessary prerequisite before going to market?

Hosted by the Eurobiomed Competitiveness Cluster


The aim of this workshop is to present the purpose and the benefits of clinically validating healthcare software, a first step before going to market for this type of medical device.

In this round table, a healthcare professional will present his feedback on a clinical validation study that has been carried out and the benefits that this type of (...)

Pr Xavier de Boissezon
Christelle MONNIER
Michel HUC
11:00 - 11:30

Coffee break networking

The Keynotes of ehealth summer university: DTx, the third therapeutic phase?

Within the field of eHealth a new class of digital therapies, known as Digital Therapeutics (DTx), is emerging today. Behind this term we find dedicated software and connected objects for prevention, patient support, even care. What are the general characteristics of this new industry, who are its stakeholders, what challenges does it face?


Vincent Denoël,VP R&D Operations & Innovation, Pierre Fabre Research Institute, Chairman of (...)
Vincent DENOEL

Workshop Chatbots: An opportunity for sustainable health?

In collaboration with the Lab e-santé

Because they allow us to automate repetitive tasks while at the same time allowing an interaction that is more fluid and context-sensitive than with traditional digital channels, chatbots (conversational agents) are having great success in different sectors of the economy. Healthcare is no exception, as illustrated by the ever-increasing number of use cases in this sector.

The question of (...)

Nathalie LAHITTE
12:30 - 14:00

Lunch networking

In Search of Lost Medical Time

In collaboration with BotDesign

Introducing MAX, the personal assistant from BotDesign, helping with pre-diagnosis and clinical monitoring and follow-up of patients. Applications in oncogeriatrics, drug conciliation, and anaesthesia in partnership with Toulouse University Hospital Centre.

With the participation of:

Olivier Thuillart, Co fondator of BotDesign Lucile Le Goualher and Gilles Bourgade, Nurses in Oncogeriatrics – Toulouse University Hospital Centre Dr France Laffisse, Director of Information (...)
Université d’été de la e-santé 2019 / Castres-Mazamet
Université d’été de la e-santé 2019 / Castres-Mazamet
Dr. LAFISSE France

Innovating together to Achieve Universal Health Coverage

In collaboration with the World Health Organization   

Hosted by Martin Venzal, Journalist

Universal health coverage (UHC) is based on the principle that individuals and communities have the right to access comprehensive and good quality health services without experiencing financial hardship. It calls for partnerships among multiple stakeholders in a coordinated approach and with common value of making the world a healthier and safer place. How (...)

BA Housseynou

Which European funding solutions for eHealth innovation?

In collaboration with Enterprise Europe Network (CCI Occitanie, Ad’Occ), Aerospace Valley competitiveness cluster and with competitiveness cluster Cancer-Bio-Santé – Eurobiomed

Experts from the Enterprise Europe Network and the Aerospace Valley cluster will present the main European funding solutions supporting innovation in the eHealth sector: the latest calls for projects of the Horizon 2020 programme, the remodeled “SME Instrument” initiative specifically aimed at SMEs, actions of (...)

Fabienne DAVERAN
Celine PEIRS

e-health: what prospects for investors?

Pascal Lardier, International Director Health 2.0(France)

Workshop being finalized

In collaboration with GFI

Urbanisation and Interoperability, brakes or accelerators for innovation?

In collaboration with the GIP e-santé Occitanie

Hosted by Jean-Christophe Zerbini, director of GIP esanté Occitanie

The pathway approach requires not only optimisation of the circulation of information between professionals but also the inclusion of citizens/patients/users and carers. The information systems of health and welfare structures are evolving and becoming more complex in line with the increase in digital healthcare tools and the disappearing separation between (...)

Jean-Charles DRON
Jean-Christophe ZERBINI
Marvin KONE

What SESAN can bring to the “Ma Santé 2022” (My Healthcare 2022) initiative and to the digital revolution

The Regional Groupings for eHealth Development Support (GRADeS) have been identified as one of the digital transformation and eHealth players of the national “Ma Santé 2022” (My Healthcare 2022) strategy. The aim of this presentation is to present the solutions and services offeringof the SESAN Regional Grouping for eHealth Development Support (GRADeS) and how it is being organised and deployed regionally.

Christophe Couvreur,Offering Development Director at the (...)
Christophe Couvreur

A “humane” eHealth that is sustainable, free and fair: what disruption will be necessary to achieve it?

The new medecine of well-being , GAFAised, cloudified, energy-intensive, freedom-destroying and killing off cerebral diversity: humans diminished by technology, or, on the contrary, digitisation that is individualised, balanced, respectful of privacy and the environment, local and not connected, … more humane, but requiring true technological and societal innovation at the outpost of a new environmentally-friendly medicine?

Digital medicine relies on infrastructures and functional models that come (...)

François BERGER
16:15 - 16:30

Coffee break networking

Visits of Living Lab, the Connected Health Lab

Come and discover the latest technologies in e-health within a space dedicated to experimentation and simulation.

Warning, the number of places is limited. Contact us quickly:

Session 11:30am – 12:30am :

Telegrafik : Intelligent platform for analyzing data from sensors to provide activity tracking and alerting Hygia : Preparation of the medical consultation with the help of the new technologies (AI, IOT) for a better doctor / (...)

Are AI and transhumanism the new dangers for humanity? The viewpoint of the doctor, the philosopher and the legal expert

The debates of the eHealth Summer University hosted by Lionel Buannic, journalist

With the participation of:

Jean-Michel Besnier, professor of Philosophy at the Paris Sorbonne University Pr. François Berger, Physician-Researcher at Grenoble University Hospital Centre – director of BrainTech Lab  INSERMU1205p François Vialla, manager – European Center of Studies and Research Health and Law, Law Faculty, Montpellier University
François VIALLA
Jean-Michel BESNIER
Pr.François BERGER

Inaugural Conférence “Towards a new usage model for health data: Patient-driven clinical research”

Hosted by Lionel Buannic, journalist

Real-world data such as electronic medical records, genomic data, connected devices, have tremendous value to assess a health product’s efficiency in the market, but real-world data is also very useful to shorten clinical trial cycle and release new treatments sooner to patients. A patient-driven real-world data marketplace using blockchain technology and where every stakeholder is incentivized to share and curate the (...)

Robert CHU
19:30 - 22:00

Cocktail reception

8:30 - 9:00


THE DEBATES OF THE EHEALTH SUMMER UNIVERSITY – Health data: The great hypocrisy?

Hosted by Lionel Buannic, journalist


Specific hosting constraints, round tables on the subject at each event with always the same conclusion – the importance of protection and cries of horror whenever the question of monetisation is raised – health data and the frameworks for its collection and utilisation are omnipresent every time we talk about digital health. Representatives from the medical world, patient’s representatives and (...)

Robert CHU
David Gruson
FRAYSSE Jean-Louis

Morning: AI at the service of sustainable health

Part 1: Ehealth Hub – Healthcare AI Roadshow   

Are you an SME providing an innovative solution based on AI for the eHealth market? Then you would be the perfect fit to participate in the IA roadshow!

The IA Roadshow is a free service aiming at building capacities and promoting an entrepreneurial spirit in European eHealth SMEs. Innovative SMEs with a market-ready solution will be selected (...)

Discovery of start-ups of the Disrupt e-health

Continuously throughout the day

Visits of Living Lab, the Connected Health Lab

Continuously throughout the day

For the participants of the eHealth Summer University, the ISIS Graduate School of Engineering is opening the doors of its Connected Health Lab living laboratory, the perfect place to show off innovative digital healthcare devices in a true-to-life setting reflecting real-life care, health and life pathways. This living lab has a surface area of 220m2 and features fully equipped facilities including a (...)

The business convention eHealth Connection

Continuously throughout the day

And advance registration online 

10:30 - 11:00

Coffee break networking

Legal workshop: Monetisation, utilisation, reutilisation: What can we do with health data?

Presentation of the utilisation and reutilisation of patients’ data and the conditions of the CNIL (French National Commission for Data Protection and Liberties) which are possible in the sector of research and scientific studies and according to what conditions for pharmaceutical companies? Can it be monetised?

With the participation of : 

Maud Lambert, Counsel, Hoche Société d’Avocats

Morning: AI at the service of sustainable health

Partie 2 : AI in healthcare: user guide

Hosted by Lionel Buannic, journalist

Focus on advances in artificial intelligence in the healthcare sector:

With the participation of:

Advances in artificial intelligence: how to integrate AI into the workflow of healthcare systems under development

Peter Chang, assistant Professor-in-Residence, Division of Neuroradiology – Co-Director, Center for Artificial Intelligence in Diagnostic Medicine (CAIDM), Université de Californie


Sustainable AI : (...)

LI GuannPyng

The digital revolution: an opportunity for the training of healthcare professionals

Hosted by Martin Venzal, journalist

11:00 – 11:30 : Introduction: Digital revolution and healthcare professions: let’s start to prepare now!

By Jean-Philippe Alosi, Co-Director of the Healthcare wing, #LePlusImportant Think Tank

#LePlusImportant (The Most Important) advocates reforms in training and medical practice to take into account technological advances


11:30 – 12:00 :  Developing professional skills through simulation: what role does digital technology play?

Université d’été de la e-santé 2019 / Castres-Mazamet
nancy quenor
Université d’été de la e-santé 2019 / Castres-Mazamet
Université d’été de la e-santé 2019 / Castres-Mazamet
Université d’été de la e-santé 2019 / Castres-Mazamet
Jean-Philippe ALOSI

Ethics and health data: But which positive regulation?

Keynote by

David Gruson, founder of Ethik-IA, member of the Management Board of the Healthcare Chair, Higher Institute of Political Studies, Paris


David Gruson
12:30 - 14:00

Lunch networking

La Poste (French Post Office company) and eHealth, two examples of successful collaboration with the AP-HP Paris Public Hospital Group and the Hospital-University Institute of Strasbourg

In collaboration with La Poste Group

Hosted by Lionel Buannic, journalist

Two digital healthcare solutions

ONCO’nect, a digital solution developed by Nouveal (La Poste Group) and the AP-HP Paris Public Hospital Group to accompany patients treated by chemotherapy. Cohort created by DOCAPOSTE with the Hospital-University Institute of Strasbourg for patient follow-up and monitoring in bariatric surgery.

With the participation of:

David de Amorim, innovation director, (...)

The communication levers of eHealth in the age of sustainable health

In partnership with the Healthcare Communication Festival

Which levers should we use? How can we interact with all of the stakeholders? How can we respect legal constraints, deontology and transparency?

With the participation of:

Dominique Noël, president of the Healthcare Communication Festival Eric Phelippeau, vice-President of the Healthcare Communication Festival – CEO of ByAgency
Cécile Gillet-Giraud
Carole Gleyzes
NOËL Dominique

The contribution of a digital giant in the healthcare sector: the example of Microsoft

Eight months after the Health Data Hosting (HDS) certification of its French and EMEA Clouds, Microsoft is pleased to help to accelerate transformation and innovation in healthcare. As modernising data utilisation goes hand in hand with trust, security, accessibility and ethics, it is important for us to propose the best possible cloud services with the entire ecosystem of our partners.

With the participation of:

Carole (...)

Health demographics and sustainable access to healthcare

In collaboration with Engineering school ISIS

Hosted by Hervé Pingaud, University Professor, INU Champollion


The situation in the Tarn département: what is the current status, which obstacles do we face?

Marie Duffort, Head of the Regulation and Fight Against Fraud sector of the CPAM (French Primary Health Insurance Fund) of the Tarn département


New practices in pharmacy – what is the role of telemedicine?

Ludovic YOL

Teleradiology – Teleexpertise: from a platform to a medical network guaranteeing access to healthcare

Many healthcare establishments of the public sector encounter difficulties in recruiting radiologists (in France, more than 40% of hospital radiologist positions are vacant). This situation can prove to be critical: an underused imaging facility or one that is unsatisfactory can have an impact on the entire activity of the hospital centre. Access to niche specialities (rare resources, spread across the region) is also a major challenge for (...)

Raphaël Ruiz

Demonstration in Connected Health Lab

Hosted by Hervé Pingaud, University Professor, INU Champollion, Engineering School ISIS


Overcoming the differences in startups and multinationals: how to build durable and profitable partnerships

Hosted by Jorge Gonzales, managing director, TicBiomed


Startups supported by multinationals to develop and multinationals supported by startups to innovate. However, collaboration which might seem natural between these two worlds is often chaotic. They are at opposite ends of the spectrum, from the very notion of time to the way they approach risk. The eHealth Summer University proposes an interactive open session where experts who (...)

Université d’été de la e-santé 2019 / Castres-Mazamet
Ségolène PERIN

Success Stories of ehealth awards

Hosted by Martin Venzal, editor of Touleco

Previous winners of the eHealth Awards will come along to talk about where they are now.

With the participation of:

Christelle Monnier, co-founder and CEO of Covirtua Healthcare Pauline d’Orgeval, CEO, Deuxième avis Florine Duplessis, CEO, Efeelya Vivien Bedos, founder & director general of Postelo Karine Seymour, president of Medexprim
Jean-François SCHAFF
Christelle MONNIER
16:15 - 16:30

Coffee break networking

THE DEBATES OF THE EHEALTH SUMMER UNIVERSITY – The consumerisation of health: is this the end for traditional stakeholders?

Hosted by Lionel Buannic, journalist

Introductory Keynote

Dr Charles Alessi, chief clinical officer, HIMMS

Many industrial stakeholders and healthcare operators are pushing at an international level for a momentum in which patients are being little by little transformed into consumers, buying healthcare products and services directly outside the collective healthcare systems. However, accustomed to a regulated market that is both comfortable and subsidised, it is legitimate (...)

Dr Charles ALESSI
BORIES Lawrence
18:00 - 18:30

Break networking

The ehealth awards ceremony

Hosted by Lionel Buannic, journalist

19:30 - 20:30


20:30 - 22:30

Gala Dinner

8:30 - 9:00


Audition of the finalists for the animal eHealth award

Introduction by Annick Valentin-Smith, veterinary

Members of the jury:

Henry Chateau François Bagaïni, data scientist, Data Mutation David Lussot


François Bagaïni

Discovery of animal eHealth start-ups

Continuously throughout the day

10:00 - 10:30

Coffee break networking

Animal eHealth part 1

Hosted by Annick Valentin-Smith, veterinary


Common misconceptions about AI and what’s under the bonnet

François Bagaïni, data scientist, Data Mutation

From its academic origins in 1956, artificial intelligence today is distributed over a multitude of applications in our everyday life. It is also invading the spectrum of marketing and political communication: a tidal wave of « AI washing » is accompanying the « greenwashing » trend. But in reality, (...)

François Bagaïni
Christianne Magee

Animal eHealth part 2

AI helping the veterinarian-owner relationship

Hervé Basset, BU manager, Digivet, Oksana Leblanc, Veterinary Assistant, co-founder of VetPocket

The veterinarian’s digital ecosystem is about to undergo profound changes: there is no longer any doubt today that artificial intelligence will end up being integrated into the digital solutions of the clinic (software, diagnosis support, …) for the benefit of everyday medical practice. It will also affect the (...)

Philippe LORENZI
Oksana Leblanc
Vianney SICARD
Laëtitia DORSO
15:30 - 16:00

Coffee break networking

Animal eHealth part 3

Can a hybrid person-machine system improve the practice of transferring bovine embryos produced in vitro ?

Alline de Paula Reis, assistant professor, animal productions, National Veterinary School of Alfort

In vitro production (IVP) represents more than 50% of global bovine embryo transfer activity. We have recently developed a hybrid person-machine system based on embryo morphokinetics to predict the quality of the IVP embryo. The predictor presents (...)


The animal eHealth awards ceremony

Hosted by Annick Valentin-Smith, veterinary


With the participation of:

Henry Chateau François Bagaïni, data scientist, Data Mutation David Lussot
François Bagaïni