Our sponsors

Pharmaceutical and dermo-cosmetic group

World leader in biotechnology, developer of drugs for serious diseases

Management of professional equipment
with a responsible approach

Health insurance company

Association in favour of access
to care for people with disabilities

Creation of software and information systems for all actors involved in the health system

Teleconsultation service

Health insurance company

Mutual health and social
protection player in France

Simplification and optimisation of the patient pathway

Online medical expert advice service

Network and cyber security experts

Sharing, backup and signature solutions

Structure built around a dual expertise in M&A – Private Equity and IT & E-health

Supporting digitalization, responding to the challenges of digital health and helping the players in the health system to improve patient care

Business and management school

 Health group offering a diversified range of care: health centres, institutions, services.

Providers of business messaging solutions

Others sponsors

Professional congress organiser

Glass distribution company

Specialist in cleaning products and disposable eco-friendly tableware

Specialist in gardening, pets and interior design