Innovating here means moving forward together!

Castres-Mazamet Technopole BIC develops expertise and supports innovation in the areas of digital technology, fine chemicals and healthcare with a strong specialization in eHealth.

Its engineering expertise aims to facilitate the interface between Research, Training and Business, to support Innovation and to help companies at every stage, from incubation and creation to development in the region.

3 missions:

  • Lead and make available technological, scientific and economic expertise
  • Support innovation, helping new and developing businesses
  • Promote the region and attract new companies

It is for: 

  • Innovative project initiatives (industry, startups, researchers, universities, students,…)
  • Innovative companies and laboratories
  • Stakeholders involved in economic, scientific and technological development.

Working together to build the innovation of the future in our region has been our mission since 2005. This is combined with a real commitment to sharing all our skills and know-how with you, whether you are a student, designer, entrepreneur or researcher. We aim both to help you make your innovative project a reality and to promote it.

As a highly committed, people-focused team, we are at your side and give our utmost to provide you with the tailor-made support you need to create and develop your business. The main objective of what we do is always to ensure your success, helping your project progress and bringing it to fruition!

Our organization was created thanks to 4 founding members as well as our membership of the French Innovation Network RETIS, and its European partner EBN (European Business Network). Today, we are a Technopole with a major impact, both in our region and in national innovation networks! And our high quality of service and support has enabled us to renew our certification so that we can continue implementing this approach for the next 7 years.

With more than 50 events every year – the e-health University, symposia, conferences, thematic meetings, a real hub of social and technological innovations – we work with you to facilitate and promote the different areas of innovation, by creating unique opportunities for knowledge sharing, exchange and interaction. Hosting your innovations is at the very heart of our missions. This is our most exciting challenge and also contributes to enhancing our region’s reputation. Innovating here means bringing together the best of you and us!

Our promise? To do everything possible to accompany you in the launch of your project. We support you financially and personally, to forge the most relevant partnerships for your activities, to offer you an expanded and quality network, a pleasant environment and adapted infrastructures. Because innovating here means moving forward together!

Thanks to these multiple initiatives, we were able to support 30 companies and project leaders in 2020, as well as monitoring several student entrepreneurship projects, and offering 18 thematic workshops/webinars throughout the year.

Le Causse Espace d’Entreprises
81100 Castres / Tél : +33(0)5 63 73 51 30

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« Entreprendre – Innover – Bien vivre à Castres-Mazamet »

ISIS Castres, the first School of Engineering for Connected Health

In a particularly dynamic ecosystem in Castres, since 2006 the ISIS School of Engineering for Healthcare Information Technology and Systems has been training engineers with a combination of digital and healthcare skills which are fully in phase with developments in this sector: Patient autonomy and mobility, preventive and personalised medicine, medical “deserts” and telemedicine, connected objects, Big Data, information systems, and, more generally, digital technology innovation at the service of healthcare.

A member of the INSA (National Institute of Applied Sciences) Group (an INSA Partner) and of the Toulouse Tech Collegium, and a part of the Champollion National University Institute, ISIS Castres is the reference establishment for connected health in the great South-West region of France.

The School recruits post-secondary students after their Baccalauréatand undergraduates with 1 year or 2 years of university behind them. After a general preparatory programme lasting 2 years based on the INSA model, ISIS Castres offers its students during the 3 years of the engineer programme over 8 months of placement, 25% of tutored projects and innovation, and an international mobility period of 3 months.

A definite leaning towards entrepreneurship:

  • We play host to our junior enterprise, Horus Healthcare Systems, which participates in projects for businesses and customers of the digital and healthcare sector.
  • We propose an innovation platform of the Living Lab type, the Connected Health Lab (CHL), with a surface area of 220m2fully equipped with a typical room for the elderly and dependent, an operating theatre, an intensive care room, a pharmacy, a general practitioner’s surgery, for use by our customers and partners.
  • Our students collaborate with InnoFab, the Castres-Mazamet fab lab, to stimulate student innovation and entrepreneurship.
  • The innovative projects of our engineering students (occupying up to one and a half days a week in the final year) can be developed in collaboration with industrial partners.

Our courses are also available as apprenticeships, which allows a more direct approach to the world of industry.

Moreover, ISIS Castres allows crossover to other engineering and Master’s courses, as well as providing continuing education modules leading to qualifications and diplomas.


The excellent employability rates of our graduates attest to the quality of the course (100% employment less than 3 months after graduation).

95 rue Firmin Oulès – 81100 Castres
Tél. : +33 (0)5 63 51 24 01



A pivotal healthcare institution in the South of the Tarn departement with 1100 beds, the Castres-Mazamet Intercommunal Hospital Centre (CHIC) opened its 8th hospital site in 2011 with the Pays d’Autan Hospital.

A modern structure, equipped with recent technology for imagery, scanner and IRM, and also with automated logistics devices, this “intelligent” building also has a vocation for communication and innovation concerning exchanges between healthcare professionals and patients. The Hospital Centre is equipped with a PACS (Picture Archiving and Communication System) and clinicians have a radiology interpretation console on each workstation as well as on the multimedia terminals (MMT) in the patients’ rooms. 294 MMTs provide patients with television, telephone and Internet access, audio books, games, medical images taken before and after an intervention…. Services for professionals are also available through their Health Professional’s Card (post-operative reports and discharge reports, current prescriptions, biological test results).

The PACS provides advanced processing tools : Measurements, image filtres, multiplanar reconstruction, the sending of images for teleradiology or video-conferencing purposes. The CHIC Hospital Centre has also paid attention to secure data exchange with local healthcare professionals. Exchanges began in 2009 with the implementation of the “médim@il” secure messaging system, initiated by the hospital and the Regional Union of Healthcare Professionals (URPS), it is now used at the Regional level. The Hospital Centre sends on average 1000 médim@ils per month to local doctors in the area. This desire for communication and exchange has continued with the Personal Medical Record (PMR). The CHIC Hospital Centre has opened nearly 5000 PMRs fed by more than 15000 documents: discharge letters, consultation reports, medical imaging reports, Multidisciplinary Consultation Meeting (MCM) reports. The Hospital Centre has set up a unique procedure allowing to send simultaneously a médim@il and feed data to the PMR. In 2013, the Hospital Centre, in partnership with the Quebec University Hospital Centre, embarked on the eLearning adventure.

Staff have access to entertaining and very effective ways to train on the subject of hospital hygiene thanks to training sessions that can be followed in the workplace or at home. In 2014, the CHIC Hospital Centre proposed numerous innovative digital services based on the coordination of everyone working with the patient.

These services were provided in collaboration with the professionals and structures of the region. 2015 was a very important year for the CHIC Hospital Centre’s information system with in particular the opening of an extranet site devoted to patients. In addition, the training facility modernised its learning tools with the opening of a healthcare simulation laboratory (acquisition of three manikins) allowing learners to progress in simulated care contexts (hospital room, in the home, technical platform). This departure has been made possible thanks to the financial support of CHIC Castres Mazamet and of the Technopole. This laboratory will be used to develop skills among healthcare professionals undergoing initial and further training. Supported by the Regional Healthcare Agency (ARS), CHIC-CM is developing telemedicine for the care of the elderly in three specialities: geriatrics, psychiatry and complex wounds.

The importance of telemedicine will grow in the coming months with projects related to diabetology and cardiology currently being developed.

6, avenue de la Montagne noire – BP
81 417 Castres Cedex

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The Castres-Mazamet eHealth University will welcome you on September 23 and 24, 2021

In face-to-face, we are preparing the e-Health's end of Lockdown !

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