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FAMx Paris : The French National Academy of Medicine to hold its first International Forum in Paris.

After six bilateral forums, la French National Academy of Medicine (FAM) will hold its first international forum, FAMx Paris, on May 31-June1 in Paris, at UNESCO, on the theme of reverse innovation in healthcare.

This first edition will focus on the 21st century’s three key healthcare challenges: medical deserts, the explosion of costs, and how to evolve the healthcare professions. « Reverse innovation in healthcare » is the theme of this very original program. Reverse innovations are those produced in emerging economies, such as the BRICS, and then potentially imported to developed health systems, such as in France.

In addition to twelve international reverse innovations that will be presented during the two days, visitors will also meet the 12 French start-ups, winners of the FAMxParis challenge/

With 400 intervenants coming from 22 countries and from all walks of healthcare, FAMx Paris is organized by FAM under the High Patronage of the French Health Ministry and in cooperation with Doctors 2.0 & You, as well as the French National Commission to Unesco.

FAMX Paris is bilingual.
Free entry.
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