All eHealth in 9 categories and 3 special prizes

Open to all stakeholders of ehealth innovation - businesses, researchers, patients, healthcare professionals, students - at the national and international level, who have developed a solution or an innovative application in the field of eHealth. The eHealth Awards aim to promote the use of digital technologies in health systems, care, autonomy and well-being. These Awards provide project leaders an opportunity to boost their innovation, to build business partnerships and to promote their solution to a wide audience.

9 categories / 2 new


Includes services, solutions, equipment, devices… that use information and communication technology in order to bring into contact (through teleconsultation, teleexpertise, telemonitoring, teleassistance…) with each other or with a patient, one or more healthcare professionals, including necessarily a medical professional with a view to making a diagnosis, providing preventive or therapeutic monitoring for patients at risk, requesting a specialist’s opinion, preparing a therapeutic decision, prescribing or carrying out service interventions or medical acts, monitoring the condition of the patient.

Autonomy and homecare

Includes services, solutions, equipment, devices to help to keep patients in their homes, prevent falls, improve the conditions of loneliness, equip the home with sensors to make safe the living space of people living alone or those with disabilities.

mHealth for patients and the general public

Includes applications on tablets and smartphones that can be used by one or more patients or other persons to improve their health.

Artificial Intelligence & Big Data / Data


  • Computer systems for processing large volumes of data to help decision-making, learning and reasoning, understanding and anticipation of health (public health, clinical decision, therapeutic …)
  • Knowledge processing and reasoning systems, to enable a person to perform functions associated with human intelligence: understanding, reasoning, dialogue, adaptation, learning … in the field of health.

mHealth for healthcare professionals

Includes applications on tablets and smartphones that can be used by medical or paramedical healthcare professionals to improve the quality of their care.

Healthcare coordination

Includes digital platforms aimed at coordinating interventions between healthcare professionals and possibly with their patients.

Wearable health devices

By connected objects we mean any object worn by individuals with a view to improving their health that interacts with an information system capable of monitoring or collecting the data it provides. The award will be given to the object that is the most relevant and shows the most qualities (technological innovation, impact on health, economic perspectives)

Serious game (NEW)

By Serious Game we refer to computer applications to facilitate learning, information, communication and education based on playful and interactive mechanisms.
In the therapeutic education market for patients and caregivers, training tools for health professionals and more generally treatment support.
This category is included for the first time in the e-health awards.

Animal eHealth (NEW)

This category includes all services, tools, solutions that enhance health transformation and welfare in the animal sector (livestock, companion animals and wild animals).
This category is included for the first time in the e-health awards.

And 3 special prizes

Pierre Fabre Grand Prize
Internauts’ Prize
Jury’s Choice

Sponsors awards 2018

  • sponsors-platine Pierre Fabre
  • Harmonie Mutuelle sponsor de l'Université d'été de la e-santé 2018
  • Alcatel Lucent Entreprise sponsor de l'Université d'été de la e-santé 2017
  • sanofi
  • MSD Santé Animale sponsor de l'Université d'été de la e-santé 2017
  • Consort NT est partenaire de l'Université d'été de la e-santé 2018.
  • sponsors-or Thales
  • sponsors-argent Orange
  • Sponsors Université d’été de la e-santé 2018 / Castres-Mazamet

The main steps of the Awards

1- Application opening

Applications for eHealth Awards 2018 will open February 13rd, 2018.

2- Deadline to submit applications

April 30, 2018 at midnight, applications closing.

3- Review of the application projects

April 30 to May 18, 2018, review of the application projects and preselection of finalists.

4- Finalists announced

May 31, 2018, finalists announced.

5- Internauts' vote

June 15, 2018, internauts can vote on

6- Oral presentation

July 4, 2018, finalists will present their project to the jury (exept animal eHealth, Juy 5, 2018).

7- Winners announced

July 4, 2018, presentation of the winners and award ceremony (exept animal eHealth, Juy 5, 2018).

Ready to apply ?

The objective of eHealth Awards is to encourage innovation, and favor the integration of ICT in the world of healthcare, as well as the autonomy of patients, among the largest number of professionals and businesses. They are not only a living observatory of innovation in digital health, but also a genuine seal of approval allowing to identify the champions of tomorrow.

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