The finalists of animal
e-health awards 2019


From the best candidates, the finalists will present their project to an expert jury on July 4th.


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Project: BOLT(Brach, France)

Presented by: Askovet

Historically speaking, Askovet developed its own veterinary chatbot which uses artificial intelligence to provide reliable advice, immediately and free of charge, to animal owners. We recently created a chatbot called “Bolt” specifically for veterinary establishments. The aim is to reduce the number of basic and common questions from owners which overburden the care staff, while at the same time offering a differentiated service to customers.

Project: PicoxIA(Maisons-Alfort, France)

Presented by: PicoxIA

PicoxIA uses AI for the benefit of veterinary medical imaging. Its first tool is used to analyse X-ray images of domestic carnivores. It assists the practician with his/her interpretation of the photograph by proposing a list of the lesions identified by the machine. The aim is not only to facilitate day-to-day interpretation of the X-ray images, but also to give the veterinarian greater serenity in this difficult exercise which, for humans, would be carried out by a specialist.

Project: Sanivet(Toulouse, France)

Presented by: NeoCare – National Veterinary School of Toulouse

Dog and cat breeders are subject to new regulations. They do not however benefit from a technical institute as is the case for other sectors. The NeoCare Centre has therefore developed a health inspection support platform including in particular a mobile phone application for breeding inspections. This platform allows veterinarians to qualitatively meet the needs of their customers and at the same time save time, and it allows breeders to comply with the new regulations (with the possibility of improving their performance and the well-being of their animals).

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Animal e-Health awards 2019

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The digital revolution is transforming the health and well-being of animals everywhere(pets, breeding stock, wild animals) as well as the organisation and revenue of associated stakeholders.

Are you developing an innovative solution which is contributing to the digital transformation of health and well-being in the animal sector?


April 30, 2019 at midnight: Deadline to submit application form

May 01 to May 19, 2019: Review of the application form projects and preselection of finalists

May 21, 2019: Finalists announced

July 4, 2019: Oral presentation by the 3 finalists, jury deliberations and award ceremony

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The competing projects will be presented in a plenary session in front of all of the participants of the event. This competition is an opportunity for candidates to benefit from visibility and commercial opportunities at an international level.



  • The application forms should include all requested supporting documents.
  • Applications may be drafted in English or French
  • Any incomplete or illegible application will be rejected.