Animal health accelerator

CASTRES on July 5, 2018

Convinced that new technologies can also contribute to improving the health of our animals, the Summer School of Health made for 3 years, the beautiful part to animal health and organize a day entirely dedicated to the contribution of digital and new technologies in the animal world.

An original and unique event, Castres is the meeting place for people from a wide range of backgrounds involved in new technologies and their impact on animal health; the usual public of the university, as well as the veterinarians, the institutional ones, the industrialists and the breeders who confront their academic and technological knowledge.

eHealth Animal

Edition 2017 during the 11th eHealth Summer University in Castres!

Teaser of the 2nd edition of Animal eHealth at the 2018 eHealth Summer School

Videos of all sessions of 2016 and 2017 editions are online on


PROJECT : Linky Vet / Presented by Linky Vet (Grenoble, France (38))

2018, 5th of july

Overview : Linky Vet is the first solution for veterinary video consultation and telemedicine.
A dedicated tool for practitioners and for different animal groups: dogs, cats, exotic pets, horses, production animals. A solution designed to cover 4 main types of use: remote intervention and treatment follow-up, remote emergency level assessment, remote on-site diagnosis (if called for due to behaviour, pain, . . .), remote consultation and follow-up between specialist and generalist veterinarians. An economic model based on the model of telephony.

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Programming 2018

In finalization

The program is elaborated by digital and animal health specialists who call on the most competent stakeholders. This included the health of pets, farm animals and horses.

For the first time in 2018, an “Animal Health Awards” rewards a start-up that is evolving in the world of animal health.

Animal Health Program

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Event Location

Ecole d'ingénieurs ISIS
Rue Firmin Oulès, 81100 Castres, FRANCE
+33(0)5 63 73 50