From the 2021 summer school to the first winter school of eHealth

EHealth University, the decompartmentalization as DNA

Every year since 2007, the world of health and innovation meets in Castres-Mazamet for two days of immersion in eHealth.

A time for interdisciplinary meetings bringing together groups as diverse as telecommunications operators, patients, big data, funders and regulators, and, of course, healthcare institutions and professionals. the eHealth University celebrated the 15th edition of its summer university programme by tackling the issue of how obstacles to eHealth can be lifted.

“eHealth: the end of lockdown!” is not just the programme’s theme, but a call to all stakeholders and operators to unlock their potential and is an integral part of the DNA of the eHealth University since its creation.

The eHealth University’s 2021 summer school programme focused on different topics, such as:

  • Lifting territorial obstacles so that we can all take advantage of our different experiences, from the territorial hospital groups to international structures;
  • Lifting obstacles on practices, so that implementation replaces relentless, repeated experimentation;
  • Lifting technological obstacles so that access to the same quality of care is finally a reality;
  • Lifting obstacles facing actors so that the discussions that started 15 years ago at the eHealth University continue well after the summer.

Designed and led by the Castres-Mazamet Technopole technology hub


To go even further and decompartmentalize the players, for the first time, the eHealth University is organizing a winter school dedicated to eHealth and medico-social. See you soon to discover the program!

Castres-Mazamet Technopole

Finalists of the eHealth Awards

a stepping stone towards tomorrow’s healthcare


On September 23, the 2021 eHealth Awards finalists will present their projects to the Grand Jury composed of experts.

In addition to the category-based awards (patients, healthcare and medico-social institutions, healthcare professionals, innovative technologies, disability, etc.), four special trophies had be awarded at the end of the day:

The Internauts’Prize, awarded after an online vote by web users once the finalists have pitched their project online:
The Jury’s Favourite Award;
The Jury’s Grand Prize;
And, for the first time, the Business Model Award

e-Health Awards Winners 2021

Awards winners 2021 !

Since 2012, the first YouTube channel dedicated to eHealth

eHealth University Podcast

More than 440 videos, from the eHealth cloud to DTx, including telemonitoring of heart failure, eHealth financing in Dubai, connected healthcare objects, and from biological markers to digital markers, as well as the uberization of state healthcare services, trace close to 10 years of the history of eHealth and healthcare until today.

Extend the University of e-health experience through interviews with those who advance digital health. Each episode is an opportunity to review the debates that take place during the University of e-health of Castres-Mazamet, but also to take the pulse of health innovation throughout the year.


In 2021, the University of e-health wanted to be as close as possible to citizens and businesses and for this celebrated its 15th anniversary in the premises of the Tarn Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Castres and at the Municipal Theater of Castres. A relocation that seduced the participants. So see you at the 2022 summer school in the heart of Castres!


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