17th SUMMER CAMP • JUNE 27 & 28, 2023

eHealth University 2023 | June, 27 & 28, 2023 | Castres-Mazamet

eHealth: Oasis or mirage
at the heart of the health care system

Between dream and reality, digital health is constantly transforming itself and announcing that it will transform health. Reality or future unfulfilled promise? Is e-health the promised oasis or a mirage at the heart of the health system?

This is the question that the 17th edition of the University of e-health summer camp will attempt to answer, live in the city of Castres, on the initiative of Castres-Mazamet Technopole, an innovation support structure for the economic development of the region.

When e-health plays the illusionist

86% of French people say they are in favour of developing e-health and 71% of them say they have already used e-health tools and services.
As a solution to the ageing population, the rise in chronic diseases, difficulties in accessing care, medical deserts and the health crisis, e-health is increasingly presented as THE answer or one of the answers to the challenges facing France and many other countries. Its deployment would make it possible to better support the transformation of health systems in the face of public health issues.

However, e-health is also a mirror that highlights, or even exacerbates, the disparities and flaws in the health system: inequality of access to digital tools, security of sensitive data, ethics, and the legal and regulatory framework.
The theme of this 17th edition of the University of e-Health’s summer camp aims to offer a cross-section of views on this subject, and to present new approaches to disentangle the true from the false and [re]give meaning to digital health.

Designed and led by the Castres-Mazamet Technopole technology hub

Every year since 2007, the world of health and innovation meets in Castres-Mazamet for two days of immersion in eHealth. A time for interdisciplinary meetings bringing together groups as diverse as telecommunications operators, patients, big data, funders and regulators, and, of course, healthcare institutions and professionals. The eHealth University celebrated this year, the 16th edition of its summer university !

Castres-Mazamet Technopole

The eHealth Awards 2023 | June, 27 & 28, 2023 | Castres-Mazamet

The eHealth awards 2023

6 categories, 10 Awards including 4 special prizes!

6 categories to apply to the Awards:
Structures – Health and medico – social establishments
Healthcare professionals & caregivers
DTx (New)
Big Data IA

And 4 special Awards:
The Grand Jury Prize
The Business Model Trophy
Sustainable development award (New)
The Internet Trophy
(from online voting before the hearings)

Discover the
eHealth awards 2023

eHealth University 2023 | June 27 & 28, 2023 | Castres-Mazamet


The benefit of a continuous exhibition during the two days of the event in the meeting place of the public.

Showcase your brand and publicise your innovative technology

This year, the exhibition stands will be positioned in a brand new 300 m2 space, a real meeting place for the public.

Put your devices to the test in front of an informed audience

Bring your solutions to life through live demonstration scenarios.

Meet the top decision makers of the eHealth sector

The eHealth University has set up Ehealth Connection, a space for one-on-one meetings to convince and attract industrial stakeholders, healthcare professionals, investors… and to build partnerships.

Business Convention

The eHealth University invites you to meet professionals of the sector through pre-booked one-on-one meetings of 30 minutes, speed-meeting style.

Let us convince you!

Since 2012, the first YouTube channel dedicated to eHealth

eHealth University Podcast

More than 440 videos, from the eHealth cloud to DTx, including telemonitoring of heart failure, eHealth financing in Dubai, connected healthcare objects, and from biological markers to digital markers, as well as the uberization of state healthcare services, trace close to 10 years of the history of eHealth and healthcare until today.

Extend the University of e-health experience through interviews with those who advance digital health. Each episode is an opportunity to review the debates that take place during the University of e-health of Castres-Mazamet, but also to take the pulse of health innovation throughout the year.


In 2021, the University of e-health wanted to be as close as possible to citizens and businesses and for this celebrated its 15th anniversary in the premises of the Tarn Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Castres and at the Municipal Theater of Castres. A relocation that seduced the participants. So see you at the 2022 summer school in the heart of Castres!


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